Choosing a Polaroid camera

Choosing a Polaroid camera depends on a few factors, though things are changing rapidly with Polaroid discontinuing its film in 2009 and the Impossible Project trying to resurrect integral film. Because of this, the only cameras I would recommend buying right now are pack film cameras since Fuji still produces colour and b&w pack film. Answer the questions below to see what kind of Polaroid pack film camera would suit you best:

  1. Do you want a pack camera with manual exposure controls?
  2. Would you like a newer style pack film camera with electronic flash?
  3. Are you willing to hunt down a battery for your camera?
  4. Do you want a camera with a few extras, like a nice viewfinder, glass lens, and optional accessories?

Before shopping around, you may want to check out how to how to evaluate and use your Polaroid camera.