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This personal collection contains Polaroid Land cameras which incorporate a bellows in their design and were produced for 14 years starting in 1963. Take time to discover these cameras from a unique era of instant photography.







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Everything changed in 2016. The last production run of pack film left Fujifilm's factory and the manufacturing machines destroyed. Although efforts are being made to revive pack film, its days are effectively over. This site though will be dedicated to the goal of preventing pack film cameras from becoming film orphans by converting them to use other film formats.

These cameras were built surprisingly well, and most still have a light tight bellows and working shutters to this day. The higher end cameras have 3 element glass lenses which make them worth pursuing with alternate film. An inexpensive method to give these cameras manual shutter speeds increases their viability and transforms them into a camera better than the original!

So dive on in and check out what these cameras are about. Then, embark on a journey to use these cameras again by converting them to use film that is available.

Last modified 01/17/2024