3D printed Pack Film Camera Accessories

As I've been using Polaroid cameras with alternate film, I've found the need for various accessories to go along with these cameras. Download the files here and print up the ones you need.

24mm to 49mm press on filter adapter for pack cameras:

24mm press on filter adapter for pack film cameras

The only 2 filter options that pack film cameras offer are the UV and orange filters. But shooting b&w film has more potential when using various filters. This part will press on to the lens of the higher end pack film cameras and allow you to screw a 49mm filter to it. Personally, I screwed on a 49-55m adapter and screw my 55mm filters to it, since it's much easier than screwing a 49mm filter to the 3D printed part. Print this with supports.

Cable release adapter:

Cable release adapter If you can find the dedicated cable release for pack film cameras you'll know what kind of price they can command. Here's an adapter that will fit over the shutter release on a pack film camera and allow you to screw in a standard cable release. You may need to drill out the thread at the top. PLA self threads easily so shouldn't be a problem connecting it up.

400 series flash adapter:

400 series flash adapter This is a generic flash adapter for 400 series Polariods on which you can attach a standard hot/cold shoe to enable you to mount a normal flash. Hi Power flash cubes are still available, but if you want to use your favourite electronic flash, this will help you do that. Just attach a hot shoe on top of this adapter and slide it on to mount on the camera.

Polaroid pack film photo holder

Pack film photo holder When developing negatives on the field, you'll soon have to deal with wet negatives. This print holder will help by separating 4 negatives while they dry.

46-49mm filter adapter

This press on adapter will mount on a Polaroid 110A camera and allow you to screw a 49mm filter to it.

41-49mm filter adapter

This press on filter adapter mounts on a 114mm Tomimon lens and allow you to mount a 49mm filter to it.

SX-70 closeup filter adapter

Pack film photo holder This adapter fits over the body of a foldable SX-70 camera and allows you to use a portrait or closeup adapter meant for pack film cameras