Choosing a Polaroid camera

Since the discontinuation of all roll and pack film, and Polaroid resurrecting integral film, your camera choices have shifted to Polaroid's newer cameras. Foldable SX-70 foldable cameras are fine SLR cameras, but require a flash source indoors. Various lens addons can be attached such as wide-angle and telephoto adapters. 600 series cameras are the most common cameras, and they usually have built in flashes, and a wider variety of instant film. But they all have plastic lenses, feel and look cheap, and don't have many options available. Note that Spectra film is no longer produced so Spectra cameras aren't viable anymore.

Now, technically at this time (2022), you may be able to still order 100 series pack film from One Instant. And if you're willing to pay $20/picture or try finding expired pack film at $100+ per pack, then you must be serious about using pack film. In that case, you would also need a serious camera. I would think anything less than a model 180, 195, or 600SE would be wasting the film.

If you are intent on taking instant photos, consider Fuji Instax cameras. Personally, I don't like their mini format, but they do make a square format similar to Polaroid 600 and a wide format similar to Spectra. Fuji still makes film for this camera as of 2022 at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately, their cameras are cheap, with 2 element plastic lenses. Various companies make better Instax wide cameras and backs, though be prepared to spend $$$ on them.

Polaroid has been making cameras for its i-type film for a few years. This is a good option if you want to use Polaroid i-type film. This film doesn't develop as quickly as original SX-70 or 600 film (around 15-30 minues), and though the colours are getting better, are not the same as time zero film.

Another option is to convert an older roll or pack film camera to use another type of film. Check out the conversions page for more information. In this case, you'll want a camera with a metal body, such as models 100, 250, 350, and 450. This will give you a lens that takes accessories, and give you the best flexibility in converting your camera.