100 Series Pack Film Photos

Check out these sample photos taken with a pack film camera using various film types:
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Film TypeNotes:
107This is the original 107 film which required the coater that was swabbed on the print after it was peeled apart. This was necessary to "fix" the print. The picture is around 18 years old and seems to be a little sepia in colour.
107CAlso taken 18 years ago. 107C film doesn't require coater. The blacks seem blacker than 107 film. This film was superceded by 667 film.
667This picture was taken indoors without a flash at a camera collecting show. Note the cool Polaroid camera collection!
667Taken in low light without flash. It seems difficult to focus accurately with this setting where the depth of field is small. The high contrast lends a retro effect to the photo
667This is a 2 picture sequence showing the effect of the cloud filter. Notice the low contrast and washed out look without the cloud filter, and the basically white sky. Using the cloud filter increases contrast but also has a darkening effect on the picture, almost to the extent that it look like a solar eclipse!
108Taken indoors with flash on very outdated film (5 years+ ?). The development time should have been increased significantly. Nothing can prevent the shift to yellow though.
108Taken indoors with existing light. The colours and contrast are good. Notice the shutter speed was too slow to stop the hand movement.
StudioThis is an example of how outdated film may look. This film was 2 years past the expire date. Notice the color shift to yellow/red. Development time was increased by around a minute.
StudioBarrel Cactus fruit taken with the closeup adapter (again with outdated film). The first attempt was a booboo because I didn't push the viewfinder adapter down far enough so that it tilted forward to corrected the parallax.
669Taken during mid-day. I find 669 film a little low in contrast, and perhaps a little low in dynamic range. Also, the blues aren't as blue as I remember them.
669Taken near sunset. 669 film reproduces yellows/reds quite well. Note the white spots to the right, resulting from either pulling the film out of the camera too fast or dirty rollers.
689I'm impressed with 689 film. The blues reproduce very well, and the contrast is just right
689Taken with existing light coming through a window. Again, the contrast is perfect and colour reproduction very accurate.